Thursday, 4 May 2017

ERP Vendors In India

ERP software is mostly utilized by manufacturing, real estate, financial services, HR, wholesale distribution, hospitality and any business that sees the value in streamlining management functions like payroll, accounting, warehouse management, sales, advertising, managing orders and inventory management, shipping etc.

Choose ERP vendors and defining your needs.
  1. Scalability: Ability of ERP to grow with your company
  2. Flexibility: Ability to meet all of your requirements, or at least most of them (vendors will customize their product for you)
  3. User Friendly: The less complexity the more user-friendly. It’s a bad choice when your employees can’t work with it.
  4. Best Technology: ERP should have trending technologies and be up to date.
  5. Cost: Costs of additional services (consulting, implementation, customization, training) and subscription fees should be cost effective.

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